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The mission of the Northport Historical Society is to preserve and promote the heritage of Northport, East Northport, Asharoken, Crab Meadow, Fort Salonga and Eaton's Neck. We are entrusted with discovering, collecting, and interpreting the historic objects, documents, photographs, and other material that will continue to inform our lives and bring pride to our posterity.

We maintain a museum and research library in a landmark building where artifacts associated with the area's history are curated and displayed. We seek to illuminate our legacy through educational programs, exhibits and social activities. We work with others to maintain the character of the Northport area through supporting efforts to preserve historic structures and spaces.

The Northport Historical Society formed around a group of residents intrigued by the village’s rich and colorful, but little-known past. They became increasingly concerned that important elements of the community’s heritage were being lost and that insufficient regard was being given to the impact of those losses. In particular, it was the number of Northport’s older homes falling prey to the “wrecker’s ball” that galvanized Marilyn Campbell and her circle of friends to subsequently found the Northport Historical Society in 1962.

Co-President: Carolyn Hyatt-Basche
Co-President: Debra Newton
Vice President: Alan Vitters
Treasurer/Secretary: Karen Filiberto
George Abbale
Enza Brandi
Roxanne Browning
Tim Hess
Carla Jennings
Heather Johnson
Suzanne McGuire
Nora Nolan
Joseph Schmitz
Dennis Tannenbaum

In Memoriam: Philip Ingerman

Trustee Emeritus: Arlene Handel
Trustee Emeritus: Theodore Kaplan

Caitlyn Shea, Executive Director
Teresa Reid, Deputy Director/Curator
John Daniello, Marketing & Membership Coordinator
Carol Taylor, Education Coordinator
Jessica Driscoll, Events/Office Coordinator
Donna Perry, Museum Shop Assistant

Helga Donohue, Weekend Docent Coordinator


Marilyn Campbell, 1963-1964
Cynthia Hendrie, 1965-1967
Grace Taylor, 1968-1970
Sherry Bialla, 1971
Howard Knowles, 1972
Richard Simpson, 1973
Henrietta Van Sicklen, 1974
Peggy Mudge, 1975-1977
Jack Campbell, 1978-1979
Lois O'Hara, 1980-1981
Rowley Bialla, 1982-1983
Frank Purstell, 1984-1985
Otto Hess, 1986-1988
Joy Newton, 1989-1993
H. Harris Murray, 1994-1997
Michael Newton, 1998-1999
Kathleen Ehresman, 2000-2001
Kay Soto, 2002-2004
Gloria Sandler, 2005
Lois O'Hara, 2006-2011
Steven King, 2012-2016
Theodore Kaplan, 2017-2021
Suzanne McGuire, 2022-2023

Carolyn Hyatt-Basche & Debra Newton, 2023-Present

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