Arts and Appraisal Day - 2018

The Society’s Arts and Antiques Appraisal Day on November 10th was a wonderful success and brought more than 60 people to Northport's Village Hall to see what their family heirlooms and antiques might be worth.

Board President Ted Kaplan was on hand as well as Trustees Arlene Handel, Suzanne McGuire, Dennis Tannebaum, Carolyn Hyatt- Basche, Phillip Ingerman, Debra Newton, Lois Howe, Joe Schmitz and Mary Silberstein. Some of the valuable discoveries included a cigar stamp collection, Chinese brass incense pot and beautiful art nouveau pin. Others found that their “treasures” were not worth as much as they had expected but were still excited to participate in the appraisal process.

A reporter from Newsday also showed up to see what surprises Lark Mason and his appraisal team might discover!

Thank you to Lark Mason of IGavel Auctions and his team of appraisers for donating their fees to the Society and for bringing another eventful “Arts and Antiques Appraisal Day” to Northport!


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