Decades Decoded: The 1940s

In our Decades Decoded series, we share touchstones of Northport history from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Northport/East Northport in the 1940s

1941- Mary Shotwell Ingraham helps found the USO and the United States enters World War II
Clambake on Crab Meadow Beach thrown for Leroy Scudder when he joined the Navy

1942- Antoine de Saint-Exupery lives at the Bevin House in Asharoken and writes Le Petit Prince
1943- On August 7, 1943, the Sub-chaser Spirit of Northport (pictured above) was launched from Abrams’ shipyard in Halesite with a great ceremony. The townspeople of Northport bought $200,000 worth of war bonds in order to fulfill their quota and have the ship built in support of the war effort. The ship was turned over to the Navy by Thomas Knutsen, president of the shipyard. As was the tradition, the crew members were “adopted” by Northport. The ship was assigned to the Pacific Fleet and was sunk during a typhoon near Okinawa.
Damage left behind from the Great Atlantic Hurricane in September of 1944

1944- The Great Atlantic Hurricane slams into Northport causing widespread damage (pictured above)
Northport Honor Roll, 1944
East Northport Wall of Honor 

1945- World War II ends

1946- Henry F. Richardson elected as Mayor, and the East Northport Public Library building opens

1949- First chapel built for St. Anthony of Padua in East Northport

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