Decades Decoded: The 1970s

In our Decades Decoded series, we share touchstones of Northport history from the 1940s to the 1990s

Northport/ East Northport in the 1970s


  • The new Saint Philip Neri Church was dedicated on June 28th.


  • Ocean Avenue Elementary School caught fire; reports later confirm that the blaze was arson.
  • The new building for Jones Drug Store was constructed.


  • The Watergate Scandal, which would topple the Nixon administration, began this year with Nixon trying to cover up the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington D.C.


  • September saw the first Cow Harbor Day Parade, which was organized to help stimulate business for a struggling Main Street.
  • Northport Diner was purchased by Otto Hess and renamed Shipwreck Diner.


  • Jack Campbell is elected Mayor of Northport. He served until 1978.
  •  The Northport Historical Society held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new home at the Carnegie Library on Cow Harbor Day. They were given the building permanently in 1976 with a donation by the Cavagnaro family.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony officially opens the Northport Historical Society Museum in 1974 with Mayor Jack Campbell and Henrietta Van Sicklen


  • The Vietnam War Ends with the surrender of South Vietnam on April 30th.


  • Year of the American Bicentennial: School curriculums are developed around the anniversary of America’s independence- the theme of all major events from Memorial Day to Cow Harbor Day.


  • First Cow Harbor Day Race organized by John Rakucewicz- 1,002 people finished the race that year.
  • The Northport trolley gets used again in an attempt to offset Main Street’s parking problems.


  • Marion Brett, the editor of the Northport Journal for 50 years, passes away.
  • Peter J. Nolan is elected Mayor of Northport. He serves until 1998.


  • Capt. Dexter Cole Seymour, grandson to oyster baron Dexter Cole and founder of Seymour's Boat Yard dies. He was Northport's Harbor Master for 46 years.

Dexter Cole Seymour (1890 - 1979)

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