Museum Updates

We are grateful to all of our members, donors, and volunteers that have supported us throughout our closing. As of June 2, 2021, we are officially reopened to the public, and with the opening of our Immigrants of Northport and East Northport exhibit on June 6, we're so excited to get back into the swing of things. We're excited to have our doors open as we begin to schedule and plan events for the summer and beyond. 



This weekend we will be closing the museum and shop on Sunday, 8/22, due to pending inclement weather. Get your shopping in on Saturday or next week when the Shop is open Friday-Sunday.


Historic Harbor Tour

We had our Historic Harbor Tours on 8/5 and 8/19. Both days were so enjoyable and we are grateful to Seymour's Boatyard for hosting us and Sand City Brewery for providing some refreshing beers for each night.

Summer Splendor Garden Tour

We're so grateful so many of you came out and enjoyed beautiful gardens with us to make the Garden Tour such a success.

Immigrants of Northport and East Northport Exhibit

The Immigrants of Northport and East Northport exhibit opened on June 6th, celebrating the immigrants that helping build and continue to contribute to our community, highlighting immigrants from the past and present. We were thrilled at the amount of familiar and new faces that came through our doors for the opening. The exhibit, marking our grand reopening since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, will run for one year and feature people that took the risk to come to the land of opportunity, seeking freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

The “Spirit of Northport and East Northport” Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Photo Contest. Your contributions help us maintain a thorough history of Northport and we are always open to your donations. Feel free to email our curator if you have any photos at [email protected]

Virtual Outreach: Because you could not come to the museum, we brought the museum to you. Click here to see our archive of digital articles from our weekly newsletters focused on Northport’s rich history. We have also set up an accessible blog on our website which will continue to have various articles about Northport/East Northport added which can be accessed here.

Carnegie Library Corner: We’ve taken this time while the gallery is closed to convert one of the corners into a history reference library that harkens back to the time when our building served as the Northport Public Library.



Farmer’s Market: We enjoyed seeing your faces at the Farmer’s Market, where we held a “Membership Sale,” and answered your local history questions. Thank you for showing your support! We're excited to say that we'll be at one Farmer's Market each month starting on June 12th, we hope to see you there! Our next Farmer's Market will be on July 10th.


Conservation and Preservation: Work on our collection never stops. Emily Sutherland has been conserving antique books which will become part of or “Special Collection” in the Carnegie Library Corner.

Arnie Tescher, one of our very dedicated volunteers, continues to digitize our ephemera collection. His latest project: Digitizing our historical postcard collection.


The Photo Collection

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