Resurrecting Asharoken: Long Island Algonquian Leaders and Cow Harbor History

When you think of the first people who lived on our corner of this island, who do you see in your mind’s eye? What names do you give them?

Title page of booklet written by Edwin L. Brooks, Asharoken Village Historian, 1953. Illustration by Rube Goldberg.
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Celebrating our 60th Year - 1962-2022

1962 – 1972 – The Northport Historical Society Organizes and Grows

When word got out that another Victorian home was to be razed and a flat roofed, cinderblock A&P was to be erected on the corner of Main Street and Norwood Avenue, Marilyn Campbell was so upset, she couldn’t sleep at night. She sent a telegram to the chairman of A&P, threatening a boycott of the store and signed herself as President of the Northport Historical Society. 

Founding Mother - Marilyn Campbell

Our Founding Mother - Marilyn Campbell
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Happy Hanukkah: Eight Jewish Histories for Eight Holy Nights

In honor of Hanukkah and the rich history of Jewish life in Northport-East Northport, we hope you will enjoy eight mini-profiles on members of the Jewish community in NENP. Concluding this piece is a brief history of the East Northport Jewish Center.

Saltz and Alter store, circa 1900. Image copyright Northport Historical Society.
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Northport Gets Moo-ving: History of The Great Cow Harbor 10k

September 11, 2001: Twenty Years Ago

This is the story of how our community came together in the face of fear and devastation during the year after the September 11th attacks.

A view of local officials and mourners gathered in Northport Park on September 16th, 2001.
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Shirley Geller and the Skidmore Garden

Shirley Geller spent much of her life cultivating beauty. In 1985, she brought new beauty into the world by planting a wild garden in the middle of a pavement parking lot, and saved some Northport history along the way.

Mainspring Archive: Andrew Geller Collection.
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Pride in Northport

June is Pride Month, when people around the world celebrate the diverse ways in which humans love each other, and honor the civil rights battles LGBT people fought before and continue to fight today.

A mural painted by the Northport High School Gay Straight Alliance. Photo by Kristin Orig.
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Immigrants In The Movies

Here are some movies that will get you excited to visit our new exhibit

The Northport Historical Society exhibit Immigrants of Northport and East Northport will be open all summer long. Check our website for open hours and our summer events page.

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Northport Yearbooks: Echoes of the Tigers

Highlights from our collection of Northport High School Yearbooks

You can see all our vintage Northport High School yearbooks for yourself in our new Carnegie Research Library, open to the public starting June 2nd. You can find the Northport Historical Society hours of operation on the main page of our website.

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In Honor of Memorial Day

The Civil War monument at the corner of Church and Main Streets, looking toward Ocean Avenue, 1884.

Northport's Main Street is home to several monuments in memory of those who lost their lives serving our country. The oldest memorial is the granite obelisk standing at the corner of Main and Church Streets. Erected on July 4th, 1880, it honors the sixteen Civil War soldiers and sailors from Northport who perished.

This Memorial Day weekend, let's take a closer look at the obelisk and the "Monuments Men" it honors.

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The Photo Collection

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