Symbols in the Cemetery

The Northport Historical Society, as part of its mission, interprets and teaches about many different aspects of life throughout Northport's history. One big aspect of life in a community... is death. 
Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying: "Show me your cemeteries and I will show you what kind of people you have." With this sentiment, he is referencing both the dead and the living. You can find art, history and genealogy on gravestones that tell all about the people who came before, but the condition of the cemetery says a lot about the living. Has the graveyard succumbed to vandalism, neglect, or apathy? What does that say about us? 

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Old Town Roads: Highland to Bread and Cheese Hollow

Old Town Roads is our series bringing you the history behind the names of local roads.

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Northport's Five and Ten

Old Town Roads: Scudder Avenue

Old Town Roads is our series bringing you the history behind the names of local roads.

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Inside The Frame

Conservation with Emily:
A report from our Collection Assistant

In an effort to consolidate and reorganize our Framed Works collection, the Collections Team at the Historical Society has been assessing the condition and suitability of our frames and works within them. The process has been an exciting one. The variety of works and the method in which they were framed gives us a view into Northport, and the world around the frame, at the time it was sealed.

Wood plank backing has damaged an Edward Thompson Co. print "The Two Winners"
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From the Northport Nine to the Big Leagues

The Frank Yamaki Mystery

The Original Fire Departments

Northport's First First Responders

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Decades Decoded: The 1990s

In our Decades Decoded series, we share touchstones of Northport history from the 1940s to the 1990s

Senior Spirit Week mural at Northport High School, 1994
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Black History Month Profiles: Thelma Jackson

Our Black History Month Profiles were first written for the February 2020 Northport Historical Society newsletters.

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The Photo Collection

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